Getting people to think about and get preparded

       I started this blog to help people to think about getting ready, prepped, or just prepared for anything that may come down the road. 

       It is easier to get your gear and go, then it is to have a situtation pop up and not know what to do, or even where to go. Imagine having a hurricane or a natural disater coming to your area, but it is not heading towards you. Everything is great. Then suddenly, it turns and is bearing down on you. Now, what do you do? Are you ready for this? Has your family been prepeaded? Do you have all of your meds? How about water,food,money, or an evacation route? 

       How about if the water gets tainted like Flint, MI. They got hit hard and they now  have to get bottled water. California is running out of water, and now they are getting hit with El Nino and having mud slides and other bad stuff.

       The weather has been and is crazy, and we need to get prepared. You can not count on somebody else to help you out when the time comes.  It took FEMA  5 days to get water to the superdome. Do  you have the supplies so you can wait that long?
         I have added links for current videos and  news for the weather that is happing right nowand all over the world. They will be at the bottom of Gallery page.

         Also, check our the To Do list's on the CHECK LIST page. At the bottom is video's that can also help with getting prepared.


I started this blog to help people to think about get ready, prepped for anything that may come down the road.